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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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MPN: SDMX18R-008GK-A57
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The Sansa Clip MP3 player gives you more to enjoy. Enjoy up to 2,000 songs with an 8GB* player, FM radio, long-life battery and voice recorder. PLUS now even more! Expand your enjoyment when you add in preloaded content cards** into the new memory card slot, including slotRadio and slotMusic cards**. Or, save your own music, podcasts, and audio books onto a microSD/microSDHC memory card** to expand your play.Its brought to you by SanDisk with awesome sound to enjoy your music. Just clip it on and enjoy more music with an incredible 15 hours battery-fueled fun. See what youre listening to with the bright, easy-to-read screen and intuitively searchable menus. Color your world in red, blue or sleek black undertones.
C. Eswar Santhosh on 02/09/10 09:00pm
Before you read any further, please be aware that -> I use it exclusively for playing Music. -> I do not use the Radio or any other functionality nor have I tried a Memory Card. -> I do not use the bundled ear phones. So, please bear these in mind before evaluating it for your own use.What I like about the Clip+ after two months of daily use is this:* Portability: Light-weight, the Clip allows it to remain in place without me worrying about it.* Quick boot time: In a few seconds, I am at the exact position I stopped it last time (Unlike S9 where I always end up at the home screen)* Format Support: I can play all my FLAC rips without conversion.* Folder Browsing* MSC and MTP Modes: I never use MTP mode. When the device arrived, I set the Connect mode to MSC and was done with it.* Ease of operation: It does not need a genius to figure out how to operate. I like players where I do not have to refer to the manual - ever.* Physical buttons: Touch technology is here to stay, no doubt. But, I prefer physical buttons, which make it easier to operate in the dark.* Supports Memory Cards so capacity can be increased as and when needed.* Sound Quality: The all important one. Clip+ has great SQ. Let's say I like my Cowon S9 with tweaked EQ and Clip+ un-EQed all the same.So, what's not to like:* Battery life: I could extract 11-12 hours for my largely 320kbps MP3 files. FLAC would of course reduce it a bit more. The battery indicator (Settings -> System Settings -> Info -> Scroll....) is pretty useless. It showed 41% remaining and I played for 10 more mins, Clip+ switched off citing "Low Battery".* EQ: The less said the better. I love it un-EQed. But the moment I try it (I have a Cowon S9 and it's all about EQ there), I feel it's inadequate.* Time remaining display: I get it - it's a small screen. There's only so much information you can cram on to that. But, I'd have liked an option to see either time remaining or the time elapsed. In my lengthy songs / compositions (Classical / Opeth, Dream Theater etc.,), I'd have loved this feature.* Frequency of Firmware Updates: Unlike Cowon, which releases firmware updates frequently, Sandisk is not prompt in bringing out firmware updates. And when it finally came, it was unexciting.Here's what I have not experienced myself, but have come across in forums:* Some report that Battery life has drastically reduced to 5-8 hours. Luckily, I've not encountered it so far. I do not know if it's a good batch, bad batch thing.* Due to EU restrictions, the latest firmware reduces Max volume even further (only EU users can confirm this).* A few complaints about strange characters being added to the file names. (I use Mp3Tag with proper tagging all the time and have not come across this so far)My take on Clip+:If all you want is a portable, light-weight, easy to operate music player with great sound quality, this is one of the best choices available.
Merrill I. Argyle on 02/08/10 09:00pm
This is the 4th sansa clip I have owned and I love it. They are easy to use, I just clip it on and go. When I ride the train to work, I just slip in in my coat pocket or clip it to my shirt and have music for my ride and my walk. The sound is great for such a small little thing. Downloading music and playing is easy. This Model is 8GB and is now expandable with a micro mini SDcard. Plus it comes with radio. It has a convenient sleep setting and power save options. The battery life is good. I work on a computer all day, but I am also up a lot going to the printer or plotter so I can clip it on, it goes wherever I go and I have music all day. I said before this is my fourth sansa clip. I started with the 1GB, then moved to the 2GB, then up to 4GB and now this model. All my previous model still work. Out of the 6 Sansa Clips we've had in our home only one had a problem with its display, but it was my son's and he is really hard on his devices(dropping alot, constantly stored in his pocket, getting it wet, etc.). All the others still work great. They are great for a kids first MP3 player, my 8 year old has one and navigates on it really well. For charging just plug it to the computer, although you can find wall plug in adapters to. I found a whole accesorie kit online for less than 20 bucks with portible speakers, protective cases and every adapter you could want. My oldest son has one of those apple MP3 players and is constantly having problems downloading songs and getting them to play back, but I have never have that problem. I can play MP3's or WMA's without any problem. I gave it only 4 stars for large type just because it is small and compact, but I would say that for most people it is easy to read and navigate.If you are looking for a great compact player to use on the go, or an inexpensive one for you or you want one for your kids, this is the best MP3 player out there for the money.
D. Kemery on 02/07/10 09:00pm
This has been well worththe price. Good sound quality, easy to use and can survive a run through the washingmachine.
Robert Mcqueen on 02/06/10 09:00pm
Great product. I have been a huge fan of "anything but I-Pod" for years. I like that you don't need special software to load the player. I downloaded Media Monkey as someone else suggested and it worked very well. I purchased a charging kit with a silicone sleeve. This makes it a little harder to clip it to your elastic waistband but it still seems very secure. I would recomend a right angle headphone jack due to position of the headphone port on the clip plus. There have been several comments about the battery life. I have found those comments to be true. I use my player for 2-2.5 hours at a time for 3-4 work outs every other day. By the third day the battery had run down. Other people have suggested that the stand by battery time is weak. I tend to agree but I do store it in my car outside in between work out days. The cold Feb temps probally have zapped it like most battery opperated devices. I like the simple interface and the ability to place play lists like the other high end players. Great value for the money. I may purchase one for my wife when hers wears out.
B. Wilson on 02/06/10 09:00pm
Pros: * Good sound quality* More than adequate storage space for my needs* Handles audio books very nicely* MicroSD expansion slot* Impressive battery life* FM Radio* Clip Cons:* Incompatible with wireless bluetooth headphones* Comes with very cheap earbuds

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